Greetings, and a warm welcome to all.

This site you have come across, for whatever reason and by whatever means, is intended to keep those close to me - friends and family - as up to date as I can in regards to the projects and happenings of life during my two- to three-year 'sabbatical' between my B.A. grad and my entrance into a Masters program. I have a lot stacked upon my plate which I hope to accomplish in this time - I have goals I hope to achieve and ambitions to realise - and I can only do this all with the help of Adonai and my wife - and you.

In preparing for graduate studies, I must improve upon and maintain a certain level of written skill, thus this site will be an outlet to focus and keep disciplined in that regard. In this way, perhaps this site shall act as a means of accountability. Certainly, it will be a means to express myself to you, work out my faith, and journey together as it is in the written medium I am most comfortable (though this does come with its dangers), and it is something I enjoy.

This academic hiatus will inevitably be a time of personal growth in many areas of my self and my relationships, and here you will see much of the fruit from these labours. It is my hope it will be informative, edifiying and pleasurable.

On this site I will be posting my papers, sermons, and thoughts for those who are interested in such. These thoughts of mine will be posted in the form of a blog of sorts (Signs of a Delusional Mind) as well as the occasional article and paper. You may also intermittently find here drawings, and poetry. I hope this will be - at least in some way, on some level - an enjoyable adventure for all of us.

And if you have something to say - a well-wish or an ill-wish - please use the Contact link found in every section on the top of the right-hand panel.

Please also see the copyright terms for use of the content on this site.

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News and Updates

14.04.21 :: All the existing IS pages have finally been updated and organised according to the redesign. I've begun working on the site's mobile pages, so with this progress over the last few weeks, the new Illumine Syndicate should be live by the end of September! So get pumped!

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