Greetings, and a warm welcome to all.

This site you've come across is for me a means to express myself to you as I work out my theology and ethics. It is a journey I invite you to join with me as it is in the written medium I am most comfortable (though this does come with its dangers), and it is something I enjoy. In some ways, perhaps this site shall act as a means of accountability.

It is my hope it will be informative, edifiying and pleasurable for all you journey with me.

If you have something to say—a well-wish or an ill-wish—please use the Contact link (quill and parchment) found in every section on the top of the right-hand panel, and feel free to engage with me in the comments sections of each blog post.

Please also see the copyright terms for use of the content on this site.

News and Updates

21.04.1 :: Hi! Welcome to the newly redesigned site. I've decided to launch it despite there being various things left unfinished—there will be glitches, I promise you. But that's just how it is sometimes. If you find difficulties along the way, please use the Contact form to let me know, just in case it's something I've missed. Enjoy your time. I hope you learn something.
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:: Writings | Sep 25/16
Sermon : Sodom and Gomorrah

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