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These are the chronicles of the esoteric . . .

This space is one where I'll be working out my theology. I find that writing is the best way to do that because it forces you to think things through more thoroughly—you need to take each thread where it leads so it makes at least some modicum of sense.

So here on this blog I invite you to journey with me as I pursue a theology grounded in an accurate biblical interpretation that intimately intersects with culture, identity, and the Jewish–Christian kinship.

Have fun! And I hope we can all learn something.

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open theist

Hi. My name is Eric Jordan and I'm an open theist.

Many of you won't even know what I'm talking about. But for many others this admission is fairly heretical—or at the very least troublesome.

I want to put it out there though because I think open theism is the beginning step to making sense of biblical theology—open theism, in my mind, is a theological perspective that aligns the realities we experience in the world with the biblical narrative in a way that is intelligible. It takes what the Bible shows us about God's character and positions it alongside what we see in human history.

It reconciles God's actions with the  ... 


canada day: mark 12:13-17

I've always considered myself to be apolitical.

Sure, I admit, a small part of me felt that this was something to be smug about, but mostly I just wasn't at all interested in the realm of politics. Maybe I didn't fully understand how any of it worked; maybe I just didn't feel like it really made a difference to me.

Maybe it's true that I live in my own little world sometimes.

Lately, however, politics is not something I've found I've been able to avoid much. I mean, it's hard to ignore the turmoil and tragedies that are occurring and being brought to light here in North America. Pandemic aside, the social landscapes  ... 


hell 101, part 3: the jewish junction

Many people object to the idea that hell is not a place by bringing up the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). The problem is reading that parable as a description of heaven and hell is incorrect. With that particular story, Jesus is simply creating a scene in order to teach his listeners two specific things—and reading any more than that is expecting the parable to do what it was not meant to do.

With the Rich Man and Lazarus parable, Jesus is underlining the reversal of fortune1 that is always happening in the vision of God's world—that is, the first will be last, and the last will  ... 


hell 101, part 2: gehenna and apocalypse

In our English Bibles, Gehenna is usually translated as 'hell.' Such a translation feeds our theological concepts of hell as a (spiritual) place where the wicked go to be tortured for eternity.

In reality, Gehenna was an actual place—ge Hinnom, the valley of Hinnom—and was located just south of the city of Jerusalem. The valley was used in the days of the prophets as a place where people would make child sacrifices to other gods, such as Moloch and Baal. King Josiah ended these human sacrifices (2 Kings 23) which left the valley a wasteland and it was used instead as the city dump. The fires there would burn continually while the  ... 

☼ THURSDAY MAY 27 2021

hell 101, part 1: the intro

In Christian tradition, hell has become understood to be a place of eternal and conscious torment—a place where the souls of wicked and unrighteous people end up after they’ve died and where they will be punished for all eternity.

However, if we take a look at the overview of what the Bible teaches us about hell, we’ll see that there is no such place in a biblical theology—the Scriptures actually do not teach us that there is a place where souls will be tormented by punishment for ever.

Before we jump in and draw the overview, there is an important understanding we need to have when we approach the Bible—especially the  ... 

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