On this page you will find a selected variety of papers I have written over the course of my seven years in university (as well as one or two from high-school). I love writing papers - the research, the formulating, and the occasional theology/worldview re-structuring. That of course is not to say I'm a brilliant author. Or that during school I wouldn't be writing these at the last minute. But I do enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy reading them at least a quarter as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I also hope they're at least a little informative and interesting.


The Throne of the Cross: The Glorification of Jesus
This was one of the more difficult papers I wrote, examining an aspect of Jesus' death for a course which explored the portrayal of Jesus in the Gospel of John. | 17 March 2007
The Ark of the Covenant
This piece was submitted as a term paper for a second-year university course where we studied the Pentateuch. | November 2006
This piece examines the passage of Luke 9:23-26, written for a course in the Synoptic Gospels. | 23 March 2006
This piece was written as a term paper for a first-year university Old Testament course. | September 2005
The Rich Man and Lazarus
This piece was written for a grade twelve Bible class. | 2002


On the Soul: An Examination of Plato and Paul
This essay attempts to explore the notion of the soul in the works of Plato and Paul. | 4 April 2011
Toward a Definition of Evil
This piece explores and attempts to summarise the issue of evil as the great Martin Buber would have it. | 7 July 2010
The Human Place Within the Universe
This piece explored the notions of human belonging in the structure of the cosmos, based on the book The Embers and the Stars by one Erazim Kohák; it was written for an introductory course to metaphysics. | 16 December 2009
This is among my favourite papers I have written, completed for a systematic theology course. | 3 April 2007
Christianity and the Homosexual
This piece was submitted as a term paper for a class that examined Christianity in contemporary culture. | December 2006


Yoder and Boyarin: The Jewish-Christian Border Lines
This paper compares two books and their perspectives regarding the Jewish-Christian schism for a course which looked at the early first century and the Jews and Christians therein. | 9 April 2010
Constantine and Christianity
This was the major paper for a history of Christianity course in university. | 6 March 2007

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