I have a lot of ambitions. Just ask my wife: I am a dreamer.

One of these ambitions will be attempted and recorded here. It is a lofty and honourable goal; something to be taken incredibly serious. You see, I would like to take it upon myself to try every pizza in the city.

Yes, that's right: every pizza in the city.

I'm not simply talking about the big names - restaurants like Domino's, Pizza Hotline, Pizza Hut, Boston Pizza or Panago. Nor am I even talking about the no-names - restaurants like Olivia's Pizza on McPhillips, or Pizza Shack on Sargeant, or Pizza Bite on Sherbrook. Nay, I'm also talking about places that aren't even pizza-specialty restaurants, the places you wouldn't normally go to thinking about pizza - restaurants like Prairie Ink, Moxie's, or even Red Lobster.

Yes, it is my solemn quest to eat of every pizza pie known to this city of ours and to go from an amateur, inexperienced pizza-eater to an experienced, expert pizza-lover. In this process, I will attempt to relay to you my individual, partial opinion of each place I venture.

Will doing this fulfill me? No. Will it fill me? Yes. Will it round me out? Possibly. Regardless, it certainly will be deliciously fun. I hope you find this fun and perhaps even helpful as well.


While ratings are mostly subjective and somewhat arbitrary, I will break down my rating system as follows.

A truly excellent pizza is the one you dream about with fervour, the one you pine after when you get that craving - it's the first one you think about when you think of pizza. Yes, if it's the one that defines what 'pizza' is and should be, it'll warrant:    
A pretty good pizza is one that is a 'classic' favourite and gets the job done in regards to that pizza-need. If it's good enough to enjoy more than once, but not enough to love with a passion, it shall receive:  
A mediocre, 'passable' pizza I'd say is the one that merely temporarily satisfies, serving really only to whet your appetite for more. If it's worth trying for the novelty, but not good enough for recommendation, it'll get:
Now, I don't know if it's truly possible, but if there is any pizza which is simply not worth eating - one that simply doesn't cut it in any circumstance - I'm going to give it a:


Domino's Pizza
A long-standing franchise with an ordinary product that all tastes the same. | 24 May 2013.
Bonfire Bistro
A locally-owned, community-based restaurant that needs more recognition. | 20 December 2012.
Tony's Pizza
Nostalgia brings a big bold pizza taste - but falls short of perfect. | 22 October 2012.
Bella Vista
Leaves a lasting impression - but perhaps not the one it's aiming for. | 8 October 2012.
Pizza Hotline
It's cheap, it's delicious - it's everywhere for a reason. | 23 July 2012.
Carbone Coal Fired Pizza
It may be the first of its kind, but that doesn't mean it's number one. | 3 June 2012.
Arkadash Bistro and Lounge
A young restaurant offers a foreign take on the beloved dish - that packs a flavour punch. | 21 May 2012.
Lady of the Lake
If you suddenly find yourself in Brandon, rest assured there's good food - and amazing salad. | 7 May 2012.
It only comes to your door in your grocery bag, but it hits the spot. | 16 April 2012.
La Salle River Inn
It's out of town, but has a special place in my heart - and stomach. | 27 February 2012.
Calabria Market
A family-favourite family-made pizza you won't find anywhere else. | 16 February 2012.
Diana's Gourmet Pizza
International reverence is the top ingredient for a great pizza, but apparently not for the best pizza. | 11 January 2012.
The Grove
A small but lovely pub, with a great selection of food but an even greater selection of British pop. | 11 December 2011.
Santa Lucia
With numerous awards to their name - and a fantastic, newly renovated spot on Main - this pizza is a home-styled delight. | 23 October 2011.

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