For years I have found joy, comfort and therapy in expressing myself through the manipulation of words. On this page you will find, in ascending order, a smattering of samples from the attempts - some around fifteen years old, some only a few months. I am intentionally refraining from explanation of the poems; while I do believe written art should be understood from its original meaning, I also believe poetry is an experience. Additionally, because they are so personal, I will leave them to explain themselves.

Indeed, these are my diary; these are my emotions. I hope they make you think, and I hope you can enjoy them.



The Easter Series
The Living
The Morning
The Mourning
The Dead
The Dying

You Forgave Me When the Sky Went Black
The Cenotaph
Cobblestones and Benches (The Trees are Bare)
One Thousandth Wish
This Is The Waiting
Losing Limbs and Tasteless Hearts
Looking Over My Shoulder
It Is Finished


Where We'll Lay (The Path of Ended Dreams)
Where We'll Lay (Brevity)
Wings of Autumn
Once I Dreamed for a Pet
The Breakfast Haiku Elegy
I Think They Call This Speechless
Tonight for Tomorrow
How I Live(d)
The Final Hour


Rigor Mortis
A New Winter Coat
You and I
Point Blank
Our Hands, Our Hearts, Our Arms
Attempting Mathematics
Slow, the Flame, and Embers Glow
It Only Took a Summer
A False Start to Change Footsteps
The Day After
The Break of Day to Open Eyes That Died

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