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MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009

wordy wisdom: inspirational lyrics, pt 4

While browsing through various new artists, I came across this very peculiar band. Their attitude I found brilliant yet odd, to say the least; their style of music was intriguing yet distasteful; their lyrics provocative yet incomprehensible. And I found myself at a point where I was constantly listening to a handful of their songs; ultimately, however, I could not keep doing so - despite their quite obvious talent, I simply could not continue listening to such pure 'emo.'

But there was one song that spoke to me - a song with lyrics so poetic, so beautiful, so moving that it quickly became one of my favourites (it also helped that it was a slightly different song-type than their others).

Matthias Replaces Judas is, in my opinion, profound. It not only illustrates humanity's position before God, but it also captures the mood of my faith so eloquently. In this song, Showbread brings out the emotional overtones of my spiritual journey - for me to listen to it is to inevitably bring tears to my eyes. Accordingly, to truly do the song any justice, I simply cannot say more.

And so I won't.

Matthias Replaces Judas / Showbread // No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical

is it so that my transgressions
have born a withered fruit?
the sun has scorched the rising plans;
alas, they have no root.
the bleached bones of animals,
bound by leather strips,
dance through the air with laughter
as i wield this wicked whip.

as You did warn me, Carpenter,
this world has weakened my heart;
so easily i disparage,
self-seeking the work of my art.
and there You've come to me
at the moment i bathe in my sorrow -
so in love with myself,
saught after avoiding tomorrow.
where do You find the love to offer
he who betrays You?
and offer to wash my feet
as i offer to disobey You?
Your beauty does bereave me,
and how my words do fail;
so faithfully and dutifully
i award You with betrayal.

the weak and the down-trodden
fall on broken legs,
as i walk passed the smile i cast,
fervour in my stead.
my bones like plastic
do buckle backward now.
i lay in this field like Judas
and anticipate the plow.
i cannot be forgiven,
my wages will be paid
for those more lowly and admirable
is least among the saved.
and where would i fit, Jesus?
what place is left for me?
the price of atonement
is more than i've found
to offer as my plea.

Jesus, my heart is all i have to give to You.
so weak and so unworthy,
this simply will not do.
no alabastar jar,
no diamond in the rough;
for Your body that was broken,
how can this be enough?
by me You were abandoned,
by me You were betrayed.
yet, in Your arms
and in Your heart
for ever i have stayed.
Your glory illuminates my life,
no darkness will descend
for You have loved me for ever
and Your love will never end . . .

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