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a foundation, pt 4

Please note, this is the last post of a four-part series.

Now, what I have written is going to seem like bold words - and that's only because they are. Some may think I am being too harsh and perhaps too cynical - and this may very well be true - but I am doing this in order to accomplish a goal. By picking at the problems, and by raising the issues, we are opened to providing solutions, and perhaps we are even made available to generate change. It is my ultimate goal to make the theological gears move - to make each mind think and re-think what they have perceived and believed. And why Christmas? Because Christmas is the quintessential example of Christianity's impurity; Christmas is a starting point for a realisation of what Christianity ought to be, for here in Christmas - if we allow ourselves to look hard enough - we can see that the event, the Being and the purpose around which we are to pivot has been shifted. The beating heart of Christmas has slowed as the Baby Jesus' manger-throne is gradually and perhaps deviously usurped.

Christmas for the Christian is critical - the Advent season is the indispensable counterpart to Lent, in the same way as Christ's crucifixion completes His birth. And so what I am proposing is that, in this celebration that is so unmistakably different than other holidays - having its very own full month of exposure to its own traditional songs, decorations, and themes for everything from advertisements to food to clothing - we must recognise that December is made up of two distinct festivals, and we must also recognise that these two holidays, while not entirely disqualifying each other, do not wholly or necessarily mesh together. Christmas should be acknowledged and identified for what it is and not confused with something other - lest we, as Christians, are mistaken for our non-Christian counterparts and become of the world as opposed to being only in the world.

Certainly, at the very least, we must be aware, in order to keep the purity of Christmas alive, that December has become the home of two separate celebrations:

  1. The Holidays, with its trees, wreaths, gifts, and colours; and

  2. Cristes Maesse,1 the celebration of the birth of Jesus, who is the Christ - the entering into creation of the God-Man, the Word being made flesh. ✤

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1. Cristes Maesse is the Old English term which is literally translated as 'the Mass of Christ,' or 'Christ's Mass.' It is the phrase from where we get the name Christmas, placing Jesus as the focus in the same way Christianity is a derivative of Christ.

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